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Virtual Tour:  NARTHEX

In a medieval Church Plan the Narthex was an indoor area that was separated from the sanctuary nave by a screen where those not eligible for admittance, such as catechumens and penitents, could at least hear and observe the service. In modern church buildings, it is usually regarded as the entire floor space from the street entrance to the rear of the worship area. This will include lobbies, foyers, niches, vestibules, and restrooms.

Our Narthex is the central point of the building from which you may enter all other areas of the facility. Enter the sanctuary to the right and the fellowship hall to the left. Classrooms may be found on both sides.

We strive to make your experience at Bunkertown, memorable and comfortable. Restrooms are on the left: Men next to the Foyer, Women at the far end. Comfortable Furniture is available for those who are unable to stand while waiting for a service to end.

You may also want to take advantage of such moments to read important items on our Bulletin Board, or peruse our Memorabilia Case, or notice that we have Mail Boxes for our regular attenders which includes non-members as well. To raise money for special causes, items such as Quilts will occasionally be on display for silent auction bids.

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