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Our two manual Baldwin Organ is the focal component of music at Bunkertown. Violin teacher Dwight Hamilton Baldwin opened a music store in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1862 and began selling pianos. Later he strived to build the best piano that could be built. The first Baldwin electric organ became available in 1946. Baldwin was acquired by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 2001. Baldwin soon became one of the largest piano retailers in the United States and began exporting to other countries.

Guest organists will be able to review this instrument before arriving for their performance, and should take particular interest in these features during their preparation: Power Controls, Manuals, Transfer Controls, Pedal & Swell Knobs, Great Knobs, and Pedals. The Baldwin organ experience is enhanced with a Maas-Rowe 21 Pipe Chime Set. This company founded in 1922 has installed chime and carillons in thousands of churches, colleges and civic auditoriums. Chime Manual, Chime 21 Pipe Set.

Complementing the organ is our Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano. This German family has a rich heritage in music. Rudolph Wurlitzer preserved that heritage when he came to America and founded the Wurlitzer Company in 1856. Formerly a producer of stringed instruments, woodwind, brass instruments, and most for the jukeboxes of the 60's and 70's, Wurlitzer also built pipe organs.

The "Mighty Wurlitzer" was a huge four manual pipe organ designed for concert halls, the largest still in operation being in Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The company produced some of the worlds finest pianos and introduced the first spinet piano in 1935. Wurlitzer excelled in using larger Sound Boards that provided a more full-bodied sound. Wurlitzer was purchased by the Baldwin Piano Company in 1988 and both were later acquired by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 2006. Following this acquisition, Gibson began selling new pianos under the Baldwin name and not Wurlitzer.

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