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Our Library has a great selection of books. You'll find text books, commentaries, novels, genealogies, histories, and story books for children. Our Class Rooms are spacious, properly lighted, and wired for technology. The Christian Education committee strives to provide good materials and listen to concerns.

Worship is still primary. It is the highest expression of love that we can give to God, and the centrality of spiritual living. For this reason, the sanctuary has been the central part, and in many cases the only part, of church buildings from the earliest centuries. It is within these walls that we attribute worth to God. We express "worthship" or worship. We express to God how much He is worth to us.

Only in the last century has education become a major component of church life. Sunday School first began in England during the 1780's when newspaper publisher Robert Raikes started teaching children of chimney sweeps about the Bible. This new concept of education within the church was gradually accepted by most denominations, and naturally some more quickly than others.

Bunkertown is privileged to have very good teachers and very good materials. A few individuals also teach in the public school system. We can accommodate educational needs along the full biblical spectrum from primary grade to near seminary level.

We offer many different approaches to learning. Some prefer the International Lesson while others prefer elective opportunities. Look at our Tour Map for class location and age grouping. There are Elective Classes which focus on material rather than age grouping.

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