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Bunkertown is fully accessible to persons who have physical challenges according to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Access begins at the Front Entrance which is covered and wide enough for vans with chair lifts. All public areas can be accessed from this same floor level. Minimal Thresholds under doorways means the slightest bump for wheelchair occupants. We have only one Ramp which leads to the Fellowship Hall Stage.

Hallways are wide, sufficiently lighted with Obstructions above minimum height requirements. Rest rooms comply with the latest industry standards. All doors have Levers instead of round knobs and room entrance dimensions exceed minimum ADA wheelchair Recommended Clearances. One thing that we do lack, although not a requirement, is automatic door openers; but our regular greeters will be there to welcome you and assist your entrance into the building.

We want your experience at Bunkertown to be both comfortable and memorable. Greeters at the front entrance welcome everyone with a smile and answer your initial questions. Extra Wheelchairs are stationed inside the front doors at the cloak racks. Ushers will then serve as your continuing point of contact. Bulletins with large print are available as well as Assistive Listening Devices.

The sanctuary has four areas especially designed for your wheelchair: two up Front, one in the Middle, and one at the Rear. If you have special needs that we have not addressed, please contact the Church Office in advance of your visit, and we will do our reasonable best to meet your requests.

Our parking lot offers eight clearly designated spaces for persons with special needs that exceeds the ADA Minimum Requirements for parking lots, and each are van accessible with hatched or striped areas for wheelchair off loading.

The closest handicap parking spaces are about 50 feet from the front covered entrance and the farthest are about 75 feet, which is well under ADA minimum requirements. Our Front Entrance Drive-Thru is 16 feet of pavement plus 3 feet of non-curb sidewalk for a total of 19 feet.

Although religious organizations have been exempted from the requirements of Title III of the ADA, we believe that reasonable and practical compliance is just what Christ would want all religious groups to do. Before your first visit, please know that we endeavor to comply to a higher set of rules set down by the Lord. Join us in comfort whenever you are in this area of Pennsylvania.


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