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The Rainbow Story

Rainbow Before Enhancement
Rainbow After Enhancement

In 2005, Don was working in his backyard garden when he happened to look up and see a beautiful rainbow perfectly arched over the recently constructed church building. He ran in the back door of his house, grabbed his 35mm film camera and went out onto the front porch where he quickly snapped two pictures. After the second shot he noticed with dismay that the rainbow's colors were rapidly fading. When the film and prints later returned from the lab, Don was exuberant. The first photo was beautiful, except for all those wires and the shadow of his house. It's good that he didn't take the time to go down off the porch because his second picture showed that the rainbow was almost gone. If he would have left the porch to be nearer the road and thus escape the large shadow on the front lawn, there is an excellent chance that the rainbow would no longer have been visible. God was good. The first picture showed a very beautiful rainbow centered directly over the church building, along with all those nasty wires and the shadow of the house. Don asked the web guy Ron (who works with lots of expensive graphic software) if he could remove those wires and the shadow of his house.

The photo was scanned and imported into software including these features: clip & paste, clone brush, effect tools, smudge tool, and healing brush. Ron removed all the wires, the front yard porch shadow, and even the truck under the drive-thru roof in front of the building. He also enhanced some other problem areas and improved the general contrast. The final product has since appeared on the covers of books, greeting cards, mouse pads, key rings, puzzles, and music CDs.

In life we receive both the good and the bad. Wouldn't it be great if there was a massive “healing brush” to likewise remove all the hurts from the human heart? There is a healing brush for all of us. His name is Jesus.

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