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Welcome to our church app for Android and iPhone. Here you will find a more personal connection with us from right in your pocket. The website you are looking at is obviously much larger and more comprehensive, but not easily slipped into your pocket. Our app provides you with the opportunity to keep your church family with you wherever you go.

Submit prayer requests directly to the pastor, listen to sermons, read the bulletin, read the newsletter, look at maps during Sunday School or Bible studies, learn biblical trivia, donate funds securely, check out music symbols, look up emergency phone numbers, and keep up to date with all the events from our interactive calendar? We've packed in a lot of stuff.

Download through the Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple iTunes for iPhones. Give us a favorable in-store rating. Our app is designed for phones only. Perhaps for tablets sometime in the future. We always appreciate feedback and suggestions. Please feel comfortable to offer suggestions at any time.

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We care about your experience with our App. Much effort has gone into its development, such as pertinent information, utilization of available features, and user friendliness. In order to further enhance your experience, we suggest the following complementary tools to improve your general interaction. Selection was based entirely on personal discretion. No financial gain is realized from our recommendations.



One of the best Bible Apps that we have found. You may choose from forty different translations. Scriptures from two different translations may be compared side by side. Access to books, chapters, and verses is by scrolling through each book, chapter, and verse. The search feature is nice.

Search Title: "Bible Gateway" by HarperCollins



Another great Bible app issued by HarperCollins is Olive Tree. If you don't mind being restricted to one or two translations, this app may have a more pleasing interface. Verse selections are instant tabs - no scrolling through chapters and verses. Searches appear in a top-always pane above the main reading window.

Search Title: "Bible by Olive Tree" by HarperCollins



Read our Bulletins, Calendars, and Newsletters with EBook Reader. There are some very good PDF readers in the app stores but we think this one is just as good as any of them, and certainly better than most.

Search Title: "PDF Viewer - EBook Reader" by Guru Info Media



This is a great tool for quick note taking which includes most of the features of larger apps. What makes this one special is that its many features do not get in the way. It is so easy to use. You can quickly create a note and find it later using its lightening fast Search or History features.

Search Title: "Simplenote" by Automattic



If a cloud-based, multi-featured, collaboration rich note app is your preference, then this tool was built from the ground-up to meet your demands. Group collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and images, could not be easier, especially when you must have version tracking capability.

Search Title: "Google Docs" by Google



VLC is the universal audio and video player. It has been termed the Swiss Army Knife of media players. Functionality is easy to learn and understand. Customizable playlists, network browsing, latest codecs, and of course, easy downloading.

Search Title: "VLC" by Videolabs



Navigate to websites quickly without typing. Quick Response Codes (QR) were first designed for the automotive industry but have migrated to use by smart phones. It uses your smart phone camera to scan QR codes and then launch to the coded destination. There's a QR on the front cover of the church bulletin which sends you to our website.

Search Title: "QR Code Reader" by Scan



As we grow older, our eyesight naturally diminishes. This handy tool uses your smart phone camera to enlarge anything it can see. Works nicely for reading but especially enhances fine print that can sometimes be very challenging, as when in a grocery store, trying to read a product label.

Search Title: "Cozy Magnifier & Microscope" by Hantor

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